first from MEXICO

Well hello everyone! Here I am, in the GINORMOUS city of Mexico City
(aka DF aka Mexico), which, surprisingly, isn’t as scary or dirty or
gross or threatening as Lima. Of course I can’t help but make
comparisons to other places I’ve been: sometimes I get a sense of
Havana, sometimes it’s Sevilla, and all too often it’s Lima or Cusco
or Trujillo (northern Peru). The people have been sweet and helpful,
for the most part, although nobody has gone out of their way to help
the gringa with the map. It’s alright tho…

I got in after a full day of flying (left Burbank at 6:50am, then to
Phoenix, on to Puerto Vallarta), arriving in Mexico City around
6:30pm. No taxi problems this time, thank goodness! My first
impression upon arriving is that this city is HUGE! (sound familiar??)
But once on solid ground, it seemed much more manageable and humane.
Everything here closes around 7 or 8 pm, but after checking in I
wandered passed the myriad 7-11s that exist here and found myself a
delicious bowl of tortilla soup. Yum! Then to bed – I know, lame! But
I was tired!

What’s interesting is that I turned on the TV while showering and
getting semi-unpacked, and I was back in Cusco…. The cable channels
they have here (WB, Sony and AXN) are EXACTLY the same as I was
watching 8 months ago! (Speaking of 8 months, I arrived in the states
8 months ago tomorrow, the 6th. Crazy!) Same TV shows, same
commercials, same layout – everything. It’s like I just left there a
few weeks ago.

This morning I got up and got to work! Lots of walking, of course. I
got to go to the Cathedral (I’m kinda over cathedrals, I gotta say…)
then to the Templo Mayor (Aztec temple the Cathedral is built on top
of) then to buy a cell phone, then more walking and walking and
checking with different hotels and restaurants and more walking and
walking and it was…nice.

The random story of the day (and feel free, CMU grads, to help me with
this one…) is that I saw this guy who looked UBER familiar: tall,
thin, glasses, crazy dark hair, kind of a bird nose, who was wearing a
WRCT 88.3 tshirt (for those non-tartans out there, it is the CMU radio
station). So I went up to him and my opening line (I’ve never claimed
to be smooth…) was: you went to CMU. He looked at me and said yes… we
chatted a bit; he is my year (’04), an EE and his name is Thiago. Why
do I know him?

Tomorrow I’m off to the pyramids and more Aztec history, then another
day or 2 in DF before I head to Oaxaca and eat fried crickets for my
birthday 🙂

Anyhoo, I won’t bore anyone too much. YET. Hahaha…. But I just wanted
to drop a line and let you know that I’m here and all together.

Much love and many hugs,


Holas a todos!

Solo escribo para contarles que ya estoy en la ciudad de mexico!
Llegue ayer y tengo unos dias mas aqui antes de irme a oaxaca y de
alli…no se! Al este, para llegar a cancun en como un mes, donde
empezaremos vender y guiar los tours (nosotros siendo douglas y yo y
otro chico, sam). Estoy cansadisima, pero bueno, aqui estoy!

Una cosa q me dio risa fue el restaurante q se llama gili pollos. Jajajaja.

UN BESOTE de su gringa favorita!!!!


One thought on “first from MEXICO

  1. Ola Guapa 🙂
    Just read your blog and email. your random encounter on first day in Mexico City reminds me of my first time there while working for Sony Pictures about 12 years ago. I also went out of the hotem into a bar and ran into a girl wearing an SDSU shirt which was my alumni. We struck up a conversation and she went there at the the same time i did, but it is a big school…It was great though because we hung out a few times while i was there and she showed me around areas like Zona Rosa, and the big market in a giant square wwhose name i can’t remember.
    PS, Cusco and lake Titicaca prepared me for altitude…I summited Kili this in February this year

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