have i already been here four days?

time flies when you are in a huge city… i have been to the pyramids of teotihuacan, the canals at xochomilco and tomorrow is chapultepec. i had to move out of my comfy, private hotel room to a crowded, loud party hostel, which is not ideal, but what can i do? went to a little dive bar last night and was talking to people all night, it was nice. by the way, this one is just cut and paste (more or less) of what i sent doug for info, so if it appears a bit choppy, it’s cuz i am tired but want to give you an idea of what i have been up to. btw, 1 dollar is about 10p (give or take)

First part of the tour two days ago: picked up at the hotel in a nice van and the tour guide, jose luis, was giving good explanations of bldgs along the way. we stopped after about 20mins to visit the bascilica de guadalupe, which is where the virgin of guadalupe appeared to the peasant juan diego 4 different times so there are a bunch of churches there commemorating the events.

Back in the van to the pyramids we go! We stopped first at the artisanal center where we got a
brief history of the magay plant and got to taste “agua de miel”, see people making the reproductions from the ruins, learned about obsidian and its importance, then got to taste pulcre, liquor de tuna, liquor de something else and mescal. And another, sweet tasting tequila from somewhere I haven’t been yet. In the tequila tasting area we got to see all the silver jewelry and obsidian statues and things like that.
I found my wedding ring ; )

Then we went to Teotihuacan and did the regular tour, and I climbed to the top of the piramide del sol! And it wasn’t bad at all… the climbing, that is. Pretty easy, actually, especially since it’s not at 4000m altura. After doing that, it was dinner time. We ate dinner in a natural cave by the pyramids, which was cool. Expensive, but cool.

yesterday was kind of a not-so-fruitful day. I woke up with a super sore throat and took it easy for breakfast. I found a cute café by Santo Domingo (cathedral) where the coffee and food was good and reasonably priced, so that was nice.

After that I felt crummy still so I rested for about ½ an hour before I went to the palacio nacional (where there are diego rivera murals), where I got MORE info about different guides and did a quick run thru the palacio to see the murals, but didn’t do anything fancy or go on a tour or anything.

I hopped on the metro (not so scary, really) which is about 25 mins to the end of the line for 2p to get to the canals of Xochomilco, which are 18 miles of canals that started as a lake, then ppl kept building on them to plant flowers and fruit and things, and now you can take a trajera (kind of like a gondola) for a ride and check everything out. very relaxing, except that it started raining HARD and got very cold on the water.

It took me over an hour to get back (via bus – thought I would try it while I could) and then I had to walk in the middle of a HUGE thunder storm. I mean POURING, but at least it’s not as cold as the rain in Cusco, which is so cold you want to die. And it is like clockwork: every day at around 5pm the thunder and lightning and POURING rain start and don’t let up until about 11pm. It is kind of depressing and makes me not want to do a whole lot. oh well.

today some very sweet people i met took me to their travel agency and i met fellow guides and the like. then we went to the part of the city called coyoacan where we had amazing coffee, saw the house of hernan cortes, went to frida kahlo and diego rivera’s house (now a museum, also known as the blue house) then to the trotsky museum. it was really nice and peaceful; i could have spent hours walking around. once i got back into the main part of the city and switched hotels, i wandered around looking for an old cantina where there is a bullet hole in the ceiling, supposedly from pancho villa (if you do not know who that is, look it up) but i couldn’t find it. and of course, i got stuck in the rain and bought a cheap poncho before coming to the cozy, warm internet. and that is where i will leave you.

so there we are….long, i know, sorry.

miss you all like crazy. much love and many hugs.


2 thoughts on “have i already been here four days?

  1. Hey Jos,

    Reading about your arrival has brought back a ton of memories. I highly recommend this program – couchsurfing – for when you arrive in a new country. People that belong to this organisation are angels and have volunteered to help show people around and host them comfortably in thier own home for free.

    I host here in Perth and can really see the difference in what people get from thier journey – staying with a local and having some company in a new place. Hosts love travellers and are usually ex-travellers themselves. I know there are some really awesome people hosting in D.F. If you join up, you just go to “couchsurf” and search them out according to what youre into.

    Have a look at the site – I don’t normally mention it but I think you are a perfect person for me to recommend it to. I think you’d love it 🙂

    Thanks for letting us all know what’s happening… I am dreaming of Mexico again and living vicariously through all your ups and downs.

    Chin up and be proud for being such an amazing, independant woman.
    Lots of love from Oz, Amy x

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