tastes like chicken

well it has been a completely different mexico since i left the hotel for a hostel! my first night in the midst of everything, i met a girl from boston named sam and she convinced me to go to….. LUCHA LIBRE!!! it was so much fun! a bunch of us from the hostel went to it, screamed our little traveler heads off, and headed back to the rooftop bar to keep drinking at the hostel. met some danes, some dutch and ze germans, hehe, along with a few canucks and brits and a whole menagerie of folks. the next day, sam and i went to this huge park in mexico city called chapultepec, where we wandered around, ate some good food and checked out some diego rivera murals. a chill evening with our new dorm roomie, marga from sevilla, and to bed.

early rising the next morning to catch a bus to oaxaca! after 5 hours and some terrible movies on the bus, i arrived to the small town where i currently am staying. thanks to lonely planet, i found an inexpensive hostel which turned out to be the best thing that happened to me! my roomie in the dorm was a french girl named amelie (like the movie, yes) who just arrived when i did. we started chatting, then went and bought beer around the corner and grabbed something to eat at a little empanada place next to the hostel. of course we got talking to the sras who work there and met the whole family (including a little girl named jhosseline) and, by sharing our beer, got extra dinner! that night we met other ppl in our hostel, including clare and stephanie (brits), yureli (israeli), and an italian guy whose name i forget…. the 6 of us went to dinner together then got drinks at a little cantina we found. we started celebrating my bday even tho i was exhausted, and they bought me flowers and the band played happy birthday and i was so content.

yesterday, the actual day of my birth, i got breakfast with amelie on the main square (huevos rancheros, baby) before we met up with the english girls and headed to monte alban, a huge city/ceremonial center outside of oaxaca. it was awesome!!! after spending 3 hours there, we all headed home and wandered thru the market, where i got myself some birthday crickets (after buying a birthday hat and birthday necklace, hehe) and birthday mescal (like tequila). after a short rest and a cold shower, we met on the roof, along with an ecuadorian guy named andres. we tried crickets, big and small (there are full grown and baby to choose from, so i got both), with a shot of mescal (i got the worm at the bottom). crickets are very salty, but i like how they crunch. they have almost a fishy taste, and in a weird way reminded me of guinea pig. but we finished almost all of them!

james, a new addition (canandian, eh), arrives looking for andres and invites us all to a concert being given by these 2 argentines staying at the hostel (barbara and….), so we go and it is SO FUN!! i had a few beers, a cucaracha (a shot on fire), more mescal, and a drink that is the mexican flag (also on fire). after we all sang and danced and had a grand time, it was time for food! we found a street vendor and all of us at til our hearts content. yum! wandered home and i crashed!

today i am taking it easy and will be wandering around the city doing some work.

thank you all for your birthday wishes!! i had wonderful people to celebrate with, and all of you were in my heart, so it could not have been better.

much love and many hugs!!


holas!!! bueno les digo q todo va de puta madre!!! hace unas noches conoci una chica en mi hostal y ella me invito a LUCHA LIBRE!!! q chevere!!! fuimos una mancha y despues de la exposicion fuimos a chupar al hostal. conoci gente de todo el mundo, incluso unos daneses, alemanes y una española… conoci el bosque de chapultepec en la ciudad de mexico, q es grandote! pero bonito.

de la ciudad de mexico, o d.f., vine a oaxaca. llegue hace 2 dias y conoci una francesa, amelia. compramos unas chelas y las compartimos con las sras vendiendo comida al lado del hostal. nos quedamos alli un rato (y conoci una chica q se llama jhosseline!) y cuando fuimos de nuevo al hostal, nos encontramos con unas inglesas, un italiano y un tipo de israel. bueno, pasamos la noche comiendo y chupando y conversando….y a medionoche, celebrando mi cumple!!!

ayer lo pase recontra chevere!! fuimos (la francesa, las inglesas y yo) al monte alban, unas ruinas grandotas y de hace como 2000 años. de alli fuimos al mercado y compre chapulines para comer!!! (con sal y limon, obviamente!) en el hostal chupabamos mescal y chelas mientras comiendo chapulines. salimos a un concierto de unos argentinos viajando x todo sudamerica y centroamerica y mexico, bailabamos todos, chupe mas (oy vey…) y comimos en la calle. fui a dormir super super cansada pero recontra feliz.

hoy tengo q chambear un poco, recorrer la ciudad mas y descansar, xq estoy cansada todavia! pero bueno, lo importante es q tuve un dia super bonito y, aunque me hubiera gustado bridar con todos uds, encontre buena gente para pasar el dia de mi cumpleaños. estan todos en mi corazon!!

un beso y abrazo fuerte de tu gringa favorita!! jaja. chau!


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