no hurricane yet/todavia no ha llegado el huracan

Hi mom! (She is the one who keeps telling me to update this…)


So I am finally taking the time to update this…I have been traveling for a while now and seen such amazing things!


I went to Palenque and it was breathtaking. I walked in and just stopped in my tracks when I saw the first temple. I spent a few hours there, wandering around and eavesdropping on some of the tour groups wandering around before the heat got to be too much to bear. I spent my first night in the town of Palenque, which isn’t a great spot to be. The next day I moved to El Panchan, which is a little group of hotels between Palenque and the ruins, where I had a cute little cabin overlooking a creek. While I was cooling down in the water, I met a guy named Jonathan who lives/works in Panchan and was telling me about some of the cool folks who live in the area (there are archaeologists living in the area who are up there doing work). After that and a nice swim, I started chatting with Steve, who is one of the guys Jonathan was telling me about. He invited me over and another guy, Matt (I think – he was Austrian), and the three of us made dinner and watched “Casablanca” and “Wall-E”. The next day I made dinner with Steve again, this time with another American tattoo artist named David. Anyway, Steve (he’s older, don’t be thinking bad things now!) is a nice guy who lives in the jungle and is a bit lonely and made me feel very welcome, so I’m excited to go back.


From Palenque I crossed the border into Guatemala where I crashed in a small town called El Remate and met some wonderful Spanish folks. We had some dinner and slept early so we could wake up at 3am the next morning for the sunrise tour of Tikal. Holy moly. Tikal is absolutely spectacular, and it is quite a sensation seeing the corners of stones peeking out of rich, lush foliage that has completely overgrown the ruins. Almost like walking near Saqsayhuaman and knowing there are layers and layers of history directly beneath your feet.


From Guatemala I crossed another border into Belize. Caye Caulker is a small (tiny!) island off the coast of Belize City and it is the best vacation spot EVER! 5 nights there, where I met some more fabulous folks (Michelle, Shane, Niall, Sarah, Oli, etc etc) to hang out and go out and eat and drink with. I went snorkeling with manatees, saw sea turtles and tons of fish and sharks and it was just so….wow. I’m running out of adjectives!


I had to leave Caye Caulker yesterday to head to Tulum, where I am right now. After 8 hours on a bus I made it here and visited the seaside ruins of Tulum this morning and now am just relaxing a bit before doing a bit more work. Tomorrow I will probably head to Merida for Saturday night and Sunday (I hear they are the best days to visit!), then head to Cancun on Monday morning to work a little bit then meet up with Doug on Tuesday. Visits to Valladolid and Campeche are on the itinerary for the next few days before starting real work! Hehe…tough life, eh?


Hope all is well with you! Enjoy labor day weekend!!


Much love and many hugs,



Bueno, aqui estoy…por los que leen este blog (si haya alguien!)


Fui a Palenque unos dias y visite las ruinas, las cuales son espectaculares, de verdad! O sea, entre y me quede en la entrada sin moverme, absorbando la vista e imaginando como era antes. En Palenque, conoci un tipo q se llama Jonathan y el trabaja en el sitio del Panchan, lo cual es un sitio con unos hotelitos entre el pueblo y las ruinas, y el me hablo de unas personas para conocer. Mas tarde en la noche conoci a steve, un americano que tiene 7 anos viviendo en la selva y, creo, un poco solo. El y yo y un austriaco cocinamos juntos y vimos unas películas. La segunda noche tmb cocinamos juntos con otro americano y lo pasamos chévere.


Después de Palenque, cruce a Guatemala donde pase unas noches con unos espanoles, y todos fuimos a las ruinas de Tikal a las 3 de la manana para ver el amanecer. Que bonito! Pase unas horas haciendo el tour hasta que el calor me mataba y tuve que volver a “casa”.


Cruzando la frontera a Belice, fui directamente a la isla de Caye Caulker donde me quede en un hostal y conoci una gente super bacan. Lo pasamos de puta madre, 5 noches nadando y saliendo a bailar, etc.


Ahora estoy en Tulum, Mexico después de 8 horas en el bus. Ugh! Pero bueno, fui a las ruinas en la manana y ahora estoy haciendo…nada. Hace demasiado calor aquí para salir!


Ojala que todo este bien con uds! Mando saludos, besos y abrazos a todos! Y un brindis a los del san blas!





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