nothing snazzy comes to mind

i started training a few days ago with tucan travel. i like my trainer, a fellow gringo from AZ who has been here for a year and who i am replacing, technically, for him to transfer to s. america. we have a group of 9, which i feel is a good starting size. today we went to the cenotes which, to put it lightly, embody tranquility at its peak. they are underground, freshwater sinkholes filled with the bluest water you have ever seen in your life. photos never do them justice. ever. and it was great.

like the ruins can be spectacular in their intricacy, so the cenotes are in their simplicity. tree roots hanging down low so you can play tarzan, bats flying overhead, and the stalagtites forming at an imperceptible 1cm per century, hours can pass in an instant as you float in circles and feel like you are in wonderland.

i spent almost a full month in merida/campeche before starting this job, spending money that i dont have and going out dancing with nestor. he is a great salsa teacher and partner, and has become an extremely close friend. the funny thing about close friends is i always feel like i am on the verge of losing them. dont know why but it is always the case. so while we spent weeks together hanging out almost every day, i feel like i will disappear from his memory as soon as i disappear from the city, and that is something that frightens me. the only thing that gives me peace of mind is reading the section on friendship in THE PROPHET (i cant do quotation marks here, sorry). friendship is in the heart, not the mind, and it is something that cannot be qualified or quantified. and ultimately, i have the best friends anyone could ever ask for, so is it greedy of me to acquire another? should i share him with the world?

i am in a strange mood today, maybe because of the warm, overcast sky. on top of it, i hate waiting, which is what i am doing.

changing the subject…in the last three months i have visited the following places/ruins (in non-chronological order), (feel free to google them if you are so inclined):

Mexico City/Teotihuacan
Oaxaca/Monte Alban
San Cristobal de las Casas
Belize/Caye Caulker
Chichen Itza
Ek Balam
Cenotes and Grutas

Yaxchilan has the best heiroglyphs and stelae; Bonampak the best murals; Ek Balam some of the most well-preserved stucco friezes. Tikal is the tallest; Yaxha has a beautiful lake view; Palenque with the Temple of Inscriptions. Calakmul is one of the least visited (we saw 4 other tourists all day long) and larges (rivaling Tikal in its heyday) and the most independently-arrived-at (we rented a car and drove 5.5 hours from Campeche).

Im running out of time, but there is a brief update for you.

Much love and many hugs.


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