Joslyn is…

Every time I get on facebook, i have a million different ways to change my status:

Joslyn just went shopping in Antigua.
Joslyn is sore after her long hike yesterday.
Joslyn is a bit stressed to be starting a tour on her own.
Joslyn misses hanging out with Papa Steve, Jane, and Barbara!
Joslyn doesn´t like flying around Christmastime because it makes her homesick.
Joslyn still wonders if we would be friends in real life.
Joslyn is sad she will no longer be drinking beer.
Joslyn had a great conversation about friendship with Jesika today.
Joslyn misses Jesika.
Joslyn is glad it´s not raining in Antigua!
Joslyn has clean laundry! Smell´s good!

Ok so maybe some of that sounds melancholy, but it´s not. Just saying that there are so many things going through my head, so many people I want to reach out and hug and let them know that even though I am royally sucking at correspondence, I still love them, so many shout outs I would like to post on facebook. Or here. Or wherever.

I gotta say, I am surprised at the comments I have gotten from folks about not updating my blog! I didn´t think anyone read it but you, Momma!

On Thanksgiving I made devilled eggs for myself and my pax. They seemed to enjoy them! It was a pretty uneventful night overall – we went out for a group dinner (it was yummy! no turkey, tho) and I finished the eggs when I got home after we stopped for a few drinks (it was ladies night, after all!), accompanied by a little dog who was hanging out with us all night and it broke my heart too much to leave him outside, so he hung out and I devilled some eggs, then I crashed.

The next morning I went on a Catamaran sailing trip with a bunch of other people, and it was nice. I didn´t feel like snorkling or anything, so I just hung out on the boat with the crew. When I got back to the hotel, I was distracted by noises all around me – the monkeys were going crazy!!! There were white-faced capuchins in the tree by our hotel pool, and across the way small squirrel monkeys were having a ball running on the electrical lines and using the restaurant umbrellas like trampolines to jump to a tree branch, then get in line and do it again. It was extremely entertaining.

Costa Rica in general was quite amazing. In La Fortuna, I got to go rapelling down waterfalls with Tracey. In Monteverde (even tho it rained. and rained. and…rained) I got to go ziplining through the clouds, AND did a tarzan swing, which is one of the scariest things ever! But now I am ready to bungee jump! Which I will do my next time in La Fortuna. Also in Monteverde, we had the rare fortune of seeing a Quetzal bird! They were highly prized in Maya culture, and can now only be found in Costa Rica (even tho the guatemalan currency is the quetzal), which was extremely lucky for us! In Tortuguero we also got lucky, waking up at 5am just in time to see 150 baby sea turtles head to the ocean! The cutest and most indescribable thing is how they move…they have their 4 little flippers and kind of army-crawl to the brightest point they sea, which, as long as there is no outside interference, is the ocean. They make little tracks in the sand which is one of the ways you can find where the nests are, and lucky for us (and them!) there were no critters out that morning to get any of em. We made sure all of them made it to the water, flipping em over if they would fall onto their backs because of the footprints we left. What an amazing morning! Thanks SO MUCH to Willis, our man at All Rankins Lodge, for getting up with us and finding the nest.

The other critter we got to spend some quality time with were the sloths, which are hillarious! They move slowly but bite hard! There is a sloth sanctuary on the way to Cahuita, which was our last stop, and for $15 you get a guided tour and the chance to pet some sloths. There are some photos of their piggy-like faces up on my facebook page, and hopefully in the next few weeks, on my picassa page as well.

Technically these 2 weeks in Costa Rica were my own weeks, or rather, my first weeks on my own. Steve had ditched me for Argentinian wine, women and beef, and I started out with a Nalgene full of Nicaraguan rum and a fairly small group of pax. I could do this! Of course I was nervous, but Steve helped me ease into it the few weeks leading up to it by playing thru step-by-step what was going to happen, how it was all going to work, what needed to be done and the like. I knew it would be tough, though, because Steve and I got along well, and because it was easier to run things with the two of us and a group of 17 as opposed to being solo. But it comes with the territory. I was lucky because a few of the people on the trip with me had been with us for a few weeks, so I had quite a net of moral support, which was awesome!! And, overall, things turned out really well! Sure, there were questions I couldn´t answer and there were times when a bus would show up 10 minutes late that I would start to panic and second-guess that I hadn´t made the correct reservation, but LUCKILY Costa Rica is indeed the best place to start alone.

And now, here I am! Anticipating my next group of 10 pax to head up to Cancun from Antigua, where we will be joined en masse and bring the group to 17. I´m still nervous, but it´s like the butterflies before a performace. Ultimately you will have to improv, but the end will eventually come. This tour is 7 weeks, then I start another one the very next day for another 7 weeks, so I have to make sure to stay organized!

Ok, if you have made it this far, I commend you. I will be picking up my laptop in the next few weeks, so hopefully I can get a wireless card and be better at updates, otherwise I have to sit in an internet cafe with teenage boys playing computer games which, might i add, is a less than optimal way to spend a few hours.

Pura Vida!


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