like vs. love

here is something i don’t understand:

why can we love pizza and movies and a certain bar and a country and tv shows and clothes and shoes and drinks? we don’t love them, we appreciate them. we like them a lot. we enjoy them.

yet the things and/or people we do love, we have to say we like? i can tell my friends (close friends) that i love them, and they don’t flinch. i can love my dog. i can love my family. but why can’t i say that i love someone that i have strong romantic feelings about? why is that taboo? and why are people so afraid of being honest? i think it is important to tell the people you love that you love them, even if it freaks them out. and if you only like them a lot, i don’t know, think of another way to express it. use your words – you’re all smart people. does anyone else feel like the word “love” has lost its meaning due to overuse? i feel like it we all use the word “love” (as well as the word “hate”) with less frequency and more thought put into it, it will start to regain it’s meaning. don’t dilute the love, man. i don’t want to tell you that i love you and not have it mean anything, because it does mean something. at least from me. it’s not a word i take lightly.


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