People say I’m too sentimental. This is probably true. I like reminiscing, I like remembering the laughter, the stories, times spent with my friends – all that cheesy stuff. I freely admit this. I’ll wear a shirt and think of where I bought it and who I was with, or use a certain shampoo that reminds me of someone who used to smell like this. Almost every person in my life is associated to my memory by smell or song – that’s just how I work. Now I don’t necessarily think being sentimental is a bad thing, even though I get teased a lot. What happens, though, is that it makes me nostalgic, and that nostalgia sometimes leads to high expectations or hitting a low where I least expect it. Take last night, for example. Now, holidays don’t generally affect me in the “oh I should be with my family” kind of way, especially since Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t quite the same since my grandmother passed a few years ago, but last night still got to me. Not because I necessarily wanted to get all dressed up and get wasted, but because I didn’t even have that option. They always say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, and that’s true. I don’t usually LOVE Halloween (I did when I was little – free candy!), but last night I would have given almost anything to be at the bar drinking with friends in a silly costume or at some random house party. Don’t get me wrong, I love this job and things I have gotten to see and do – for example, at dinner last night a band came in and started playing local music for tips. This is a pretty common occurrence, but all of my pax were blown away. They were asking if this happens on a regular basis (it does) as  they sat and enjoyed the overly loud percussion. I like that. I like the spontenaity of Central America.

But sometimes I miss the routine of being home….


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