That’s right, time to do the end-of-the-year recap! Ok, maybe not recap per se…

2009 has been a good year for me – it started off that way, and seemingly will close on the same note. This past year has taken me to more new countries (El Salvador, Brazil), introduced me to some amazing, incredible, friendly, funny people, and most of all, it has been a major year of growth.

To all the people who have made this year special, I thank you. To those who have come and gone, you are always alive in my memory and stories are always told about “last time I was here” or the like. A few special people have made these past twelve months even brighter and grander and given me so much to look forward to and push myself towards, and you should know who you are. It’s not to say there haven’t been tears and frustrations and sadness and everything that goes along with being far away from home, from any semblance of a “normal” life structure and from friends whose shoulder you know you can always cry on, but there have been magnificent new friends to help fill the void.

It has been a year of firsts – bungee jumping, waterfall jumping, and volcano climbing among other things! – and I wouldn’t trade a second of those experiences for anything in the world. It was this year that I refound the person I used to be – the inner strength flexed its muscles and the self confidence rose to the level where it got left many years back. I’m happy with this person, flaws and all, and am more committed to letting my “freak flag fly”. I’m encouraged to continue listening to myself and others and to grow, understand and respect. I hope 2010 brings me more life changes (I’m sure it will!) and more opportunity to discover cultures, people and friendships.

This year is extra unique because a dear friend from home is visiting, and she brought some Christmas spirit with her (or Christmas spiritS – we got those at duty free!) and a bit of home and family. Old photos, laughable music and heartfelt gifts have made this Christmas one for the books!

Thank you all for dealing with my craziness, for always lending an open ear, for being willing to take the leap and for just being my friend. I wouldn’t be here without you.

And always remember: keep on dreamin’.

Much love and many hugs,


3 thoughts on “2009

  1. This truly was a Christmas for the books. Thanks for sharing the holidays, your tour, your friends and your feelings with me for a very special week. Here’s to 2010 – who knows we may have to meet again in CR to ring in 2011!! xoxo

  2. Want to thank you for being very decisive in dealing with the tragedy. Having you looking after us and telling what to do in a strange land helped no end. No way I would have taken repercussions into account otherwise and would have been in the water trying to help and gone with the boat with the injured back to the mainland. Translating what was going on gave comfort too.

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