blasts from the pasts

Since being back in Portland, there are a lot of little things I have wanted/needed to do, like find a specific picture that I know is hiding somewhere in the house, or go try that one restaurant that I always drive past and see what it’s really like. Unfortunately, the past 6 or so weeks haven’t been comprised of much of that, and as my remaining time in town dwindles, I gotta get my butt in gear.

Today I started one project – which inevitably took longer than it should have because technology that seems so simple is extremely trying – which I am still in the process of. What project, you may ask? Well, I dug out my old desktop computer, boxed up and stuck in the garage four years ago and plug it in. The aim? Make sure the harddrive is backed up (which… well, it’s not completely, but on it’s way there) and enjoy looking at pictures I hadn’t put onto my laptop. And boy are there pictures! Some of which will end up on FB, by the way 🙂 It induced an odd sense of nostalgia but didn’t make me sad. It’s more interesting to see how far my life has come and how I’ve changed, especially since there are pictures and documents on the computer from 2003.

There were saved IM conversations with lots of different people, from Conor and Mike to Jake and Jimmi; documents I’d written to myself cursing certain (ex-)boyfriends and other pieces raving about the beauty in life and the awareness and love from all of my friends;  pictures of parties I’d forgotten about and dinners long-since devoured to productions, scenery, snow and celebrations. One of the most interesting things for me to see is how many of the faces in these photos are still friends. Whether it’s been a day, a month, a year or ten, there are an incredible number of my friends who have been around for a long time – I commend you all!

Overall it’s been a bit educational, fun, sad, heartwarming and heartbreaking, thoughtful and insightful – all in a matter of hours! Thank you to everyone who has crossed my path in life for contributing to the memories!



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