Portland: The City of Dreams?

We are certainly the City of Roses and the City That Works, but I think Portland (Pdx) is more than that – and I don’t just say that because it’s my hometown!

If you look to the right under the “Links” section, I added a few new titles. These are not just friends’ blogs that I read regularly (whether they get updated or not…..coughcoughJesikacoughcough) but now include links so you, dear reader, can check out why Portland is quite possibly the coolest most rockinest city in all of these fine fifty states!

Not to gloat TOO much, but we are pretty awesome. Microbreweries? Check. Delicious coffee that makes all of us coffee snobs? Check. Fresh, local, organic produce? Check. More strip clubs than you can shake a tooshy at? Check. Local vineyards? Check. Longest running “Rocky Horror Picture Show” live action every Saturday night? Frank-n-Furter says yes. The list goes on. And this isn’t to say that there aren’t bad things about Pdx too, such as the clouds and rain; the annoying bridge construction that seems to be neverending (but it’s only because we have so many historical bridges!); the cring-inducing celebrities that hail from here, like Bob Packwood and Tonya Harding; the rain; the neo-uber-righteous-organic-raw-food-eating-vegan-diet-meat-eater-hating hippies that roam Saturday Market; the Californians; the rain; the difficulty in finding natives in your local bar/coffee shop/bike store/REI; the recycle-or-die-SUV-driving-hypocrites and, maybe, the rain – but this list of “cons” is FAR shorter than the list of “pros”.

I was talking to Julie the other day, and she said that any guy she dated that didn’t love Portland (assuming they weren’t from here originally) could never fully love her. We Oregonians – specifically Portlanders – are so immersed in our city (with some exceptions) that it makes us who we are. We recycle. We reduce and reuse as well. We save worms from getting squished on the sidewalks. We get entered into raffles by bringing our own grocery bags. We shut off the water when brushing our teeth; we don’t use umbrellas when it’s raining; we don’t need or want a/c. We don’t have silly accents (unless you talk to Matt and Sunny who may disagree!) and we will gladly share our table with you if there aren’t other spaces. If you don’t love that about my city, you will never love me; furthermore, if you do love me, you better love my city!

I think I’ve found my match 🙂

By the way, thanks to my “import” neighbors: Jon, Kurt and Whitney, whose idea it was to link to cool Pdx sites on their blog. I stole this idea from them!

Now I’m off to enjoy the sun – especially because the mountain is out today 🙂

Much love and many hugs,


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