how I turned 28

First off, I would like to say, that even though it wasn’t included in my post about friends (2 ago), it goes without saying that my parents and immediate family have also greatly shaped who I am. If I didn’t have the balance between my parents, the input of my aunts and uncles and cousins, and the time spent growing up with my grandmother, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today.

Now onto my photo log of August 11, 2010 – a.k.a. my 28th birthday! Lots of fun pictures to document today!

First, I woke up. Staying in Laura and Paul’s guest bedroom is awesome and comfy and even more conducive to sleep since getting the free eye mask at the yard sale across the street a few days back. The window faces east = no sleeping in for Joslyn. After waking up I had a nice birthday chat with my honey before he was heading to bed, and we discussed my plans for the day. Perfect way to start the morning 🙂

I headed into Davis Square for breakfast along this road (Morrison – how apt, no?!)

After a nice, short walk, I had to make the choice between Blue Shirt Cafe and Mr. Crepe. Paul suggested the latter and I really should have listened, but I was being cheap. So I went to Blue Shirt Cafe for eggs and toast and a simple breakfast, and I must say, it’s an odd place. You place your order, get a paper coffee cup (even if you’re eating there) and wait for them to call your order, which you then pick up. The plates are normal plates, but you have to eat your breakfast with plastic silverware. Really. Salt and pepper are in little packets, and the only semblance to a real cafe you will find here is the ketchup near the tables. I was less than impressed. That, and I was really looking forward to a mimosa.

My plan for the day was to take the “T” to JFK/UMass and visit the Commonwealth Museum. So after my average breakfast, I packed up my crossword puzzles and journal to continue my birthday exploration of Boston!

The train ride didn’t take as long as I expected, and there are extremely well-marked signs that lead you to the free shuttle bus which goes through the UMass campus to the main attraction, which is the JFK museum. Well I followed the crowd and was ready to check out the life and times of JFK until I realized that the entrance fee was $12! Well not to be a cheapskate, but… I’m a cheapskate! I briefly looked at the layout of the place to see what exhibits were offered and I didn’t feel there was anything I couldn’t live without seeing. So after taking a picture of a happy group of tourists, I walked across the parking lot to my original destination: The State Archives Building where the Commonwealth Museum is located. What a fantastic museum! You can see me above, looking peppy and excited to check out some history! The exhibits are well organized and well-labeled, with a nice succinct description of events and people involved, starting all the way back in 1630. The highlight, however, was the Treasures Gallery where you can see one of the original 14 “copies” of the Declaration of Independence (one was given to each state and one for Congress, then the copper plate engraving was burned), the Bill of Rights (same m.o. as above), and other founding documents. All original and in highly technologically advanced cases – apparently better than the ones at the State House in D.C.

After spending a couple hours wandering through and reading everything I could, I was wiped! I wandered over to the entrance of the JFK Museum again, which overlooks the sea and provides a wonderful place to sit and contemplate life, government and birthday plans. It’s also where you catch the shuttle bus to go back to the T station.

Back into town for some shopping! I was determined to find a pair of birthday shoes, so I went back to Harvard Square where I got my pair of blue Saucony Jazz shoes many years ago. They were having a sale, so I thought it would be a piece of cake! It wasn’t 😦 I couldn’t find anything I loved in my size – damn big feet! So I hit up Aldo as well, which is totally too ritzy (and usually too ugly) for me and was underwhelmed. Oh well, no birthday shoes is still alright! I decided to head home for a rest at this point, especially since my foot/knee was killing me, but needed something in my belly. Train station hot dog it is! Nice guy sold it to me as well, wished me a happy birthday and gave me a smile, so I gnoshed on that while waiting for the train back to Davis. I knew what I really wanted when I got nearer to home, one big splurge left for myself, and I went for it: ICE CREAM. And what delicious ice cream it was! Boston Green Mint Lace (mint chocolate chip) and Peanutbutter Oreo. Oh. My. God. So very delicious and perfect on the hot, muggy day.

I made one more stop on the way home: liquor store! Hoping I could score a free mini bottle of vodka (I couldn’t), I wandered in and settled on a nice chilled white wine to wash down the ice cream. Not bad for $8! I hopped online with a glass of wine in-hand and was blown away by all the birthday wishes! Thank you!! A very special video was posted on my page which brought tears to my eyes, so an extra special thank you to my Matty for that! Love you babe! After an hour or so, I primped to get ready to go to Silvertone, where Laura and I had invited our friends to celebrate our birthdays with us! So Paul and I left the house around 5:15 for, what turned out to be (for me) a somewhat late night with friends.

I don’t know too many people in Boston, but that is changing. Every time I come to visit I feel like I get closer with past acquaintances, which is awesome! I know I didn’t get pictures of everyone who stopped by, namely Annabel (so cool she stopped in!), Andrea and Paul, but I tried to get snaps of people enjoying themselves. So below you’ll find me and Jimmi, Hallory, Laura and Henry (who got me a cool travel foosball game!). And our awesome bartender!

Hal and I caught the last train home at the end of the evening. I was exhausted by the time I walked in the door and, after trying to get ahold of Matt and playing text-tag with my mom and Uncle Ron, I decided it was time to sleep.

Aaaaah! Thank you everyone for spending my birthday with me, whether it was via Facebook, text, a phone call or coming out to the bar. I had a great time and was so happy to spend it with some of the greatest people around. LSM, I love you dearly and hope your day was fantastic!

Much love and many hugs,


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