I have another blog – check it out!

I would like to introduce you all to my new blog, which can be found at http://dreamingmum42.wordpress.com and is called “kid friendly packaging”!

The blog came about somewhat randomly from one of the first experiences that will be written about, which has to do with paying full fare on an airplane for a two-year-old and that led me to discuss with Matt the possibility of starting our own reality show (quit laughing!) wherein we visited “kid friendly” hotels and took “kid friendly” packaged holidays and the like and saw how truly “kid friendly” they actually were. Now, obviously, we aren’t currently in a position to afford producing our own TV show or anything like that, but it got me thinking about kid friendliness (if that’s a term) in travel and life in general.

Not only is the blog about little ones and my experience over the past year as a new “mum”, but other observations re: schooling, technology, etc. I’ll draw heavily on my experiences growing up and also steal a lot of Matt’s thoughts, experiences and opinions.

I hope this generates conversation amongst people – share it with your friends and family if they would be interested! – and I encourage comments!


3 thoughts on “I have another blog – check it out!

  1. What an excellent idea! (One of the many you’ve had!)

    And, producing it wouldn’t necessarily have to cost a lot — just write-up the idea in more detail, video yourselves (Samara included) doing a “piece” and submit it to the Travel Channel. (Emphasizing the fact that you guys want to be the hosts!)

    How spiffy! What fun!

    Onward to success!

    That Dad Guy

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