I’ll get to Africa….but right now: coffee

I plan to write a bit about our trip to Africa, but right now I need to say something important about Australia: the coffee here is terrible. I don’t go and splurge on a latte every day, or even once a week, but out of all the different chains and small cafes I’ve tried, I haven’t once tasted something that makes me stop and savor; nothing that rivals Stumptown coffee or Guatemalan coffee or even a latte from the crappy espresso machines in Peru.

And yet, since I’m out of practice pulling shots and haven’t created a beautiful piece of latte art during a working interview (of which I’ve had three; that’s three times behind machines that I have never seen or used before after a couple years without practice), everyone thinks that I can’t do it. Not only that, but in my last interview I was told to make a latte in a small water glass instead of a nice wide mug, and in my first two interviews the owners/those doing the hiring have made underhanded comments about how “well, you’re from America and they’re not known for their coffee there….”, or “I remember I couldn’t get a decent cup of coffee when I was visiting the states. You guys have that drip coffee stuff…”. Yes, we have drip coffee. It’s different than espresso drinks. Drip coffee costs $1 for unlimited refills; espresso drinks cost $3-4 and don’t come with a refill. There’s a BIG difference.

I really look forward to the day when Matt and I open our own place. We have lots of ideas for a café that we plan to open in the US (like there need to be more coffee shops, I know, but ours will be different!) and/or in Honduras. The coffee will be amazing and international and prepared correctly. Not only that, but if someone comes in for a job and has previous experience, we’ll give them one or two chances. We’ll chat with them. We’ll explain the difference between a latte and a flat white. We’ll teach them if they want to learn. We won’t blow them off after a 5 minute chat. We’ll be awesome bosses (taking a page from John and Grace’s book, who are awesome at what they do and have given me a lot of the coffee knowledge that I now have) and that, in turn, will make us super successful.

And with that, I end my rant.


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