an update

Alright, alright – both of my parents have gotten on my case about not updating my blog recently, so here’s a brief overview of life:

Matt and I got back from our AMAZING trip to East Africa in mid-June after 5 weeks of camping out and big-game watching and had to jump right back into real life – as in arriving at midnight, going to sleep at 4am and getting Samara dropped off at 8am! The jet-lag hit us both, but life moves forward and I started looking for work while Matt had to go out of town for work. Ugh!

Our next adventure was to Melbourne for a weekend in July! Matt had to go down for work and I met him the next day – a Friday – in time to attend a footy game! My first live AFL game and it was GREAT – except for the fact that the team we were rooting for lost. No worries, though, still fun! That Saturday we spent the day wandering all around Melbourne, walking our little feet blue. We did a bit of shopping at Victoria Markets, which were quite near to us, and that night Matty surprised me with a tour of the “Old Melbourne Gaol” (jail, for those non-Aussies), which was dark and creepy and so so cool! That Sunday, after having breakfast with some of Matt’s friends down there, we attended another footy match – this one at the MCG – and it was even better! The atmosphere was great and even though our team lost, it was an unforgettable day!

Back at home we got ready for Samara’s 3rd birthday party, which was “Dora the Explorer” themed and she had a lot of fun and got VERY spoiled! But how can you resist those big brown eyes?!

August brought both mine and Matt’s birthday, and for those of you on FB you know that I got massively spoiled for my 29th! A brand new watch, an espresso machine, a new dress (from Melbourne), a book about Cuba, a delicious bottle of rum (which I just finished last night!), chocolates and more! He even surprised me by having a delivery at work of champagne, chocolates and a balloon and stuffed puppy, aka Pink Puppy (as Samara dubbed him).

The night before my birthday, Matt and I met in Brisbane for a show that evening: “Ballet Revolución!” – an absolutely breathtaking show performed by the Cuban Ballet. They performed ballet/hip hop/salsa/rumba dances to modern songs sung live onstage, like Rhianna, Prince, Beyonce and more. Spectacular! Wonderful night out – but then again, aren’t they all?!?

At this point I was working for a company called Global Talent Management, hooking up people who had submitted their applications to be in the film/tv industry and getting them to join our agency and set them up with a photo shoot for their portfolio. The hours were great, it was close to home and I worked with fun people – all in all a very relaxing place to be, but it was commission-based work and that meant that sometimes I was only making $250 a week, which isn’t really enough to help pay the bills here and my bills back in the states, so the job search continued.

About a month ago I applied for the position of International Travel Consultant with a company called The Holiday Centre, which I was quite excited about. A week or so passed and I was called in for an interview, and much to my surprise, it went really well! There were some of the obligatory “Describe a situation where….” questions, which I kind of laughed off and answered at the same time. Whatever I did seemed to charm them, though, and I was offered the job! I just completed three weeks there and, while it’s a lot of work and organization, I really like it. It feels great to be in a position that’s not just a job but something that will be more of a career, and the people I work with are fantastic and so very helpful. Basically I sell and organize peoples’ trips to Fiji and Bali, which we advertise throughout Australia. No cold calling, no hard sell, just making sure people have the perfect holiday.

The other night Matt and I went and saw the Motley Crue concert in Brisbane, which was awesome. Bret Michaels (from Poison) was the opener and quite entertaining; the venue – and outdoor stage – was just perfect, and Motley Crue put on a great show, especially considering they’re all getting up there in age! Yet another amazing experience that we shared J

The past few months have definitely brought us closer as a couple and as a family – I feel like since returning from Africa we’ve started to take big leaps forward in saving money, planning our next trips and getting me a job that is long-term, rather than short stints telemarketing. We are hoping/planning to move from where we currently are to somewhere closer to the beach in the next 6 months so we get out exercising more often and get the dog out for more walks.

The weather’s heating up, which isn’t so much fun cuz that means humidity is right around the corner… Got new jeans last week and will only have a few chances to wear them! We both love the cold, which is why we both love Melbourne so much (that and the footy, of course!) and have hopes of eventually moving back to the states and opening up our own café. Big plans that will be fulfilled in the future!

So does that satisfy everyone’s curiosity? Enough of an update, eh padres?? I’ll try and be better in the future 😉

Much love and many hugs,
Joslyn and Matt


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