yearly update – holy cow, it’s been a year?!? happy birthday dad!

I wake up in the morning and wonder if I’ve broken the rule by sleeping in. See, studies now show that sleeping in on your day off actually makes you more tired than sticking to your regular schedule. But sleeping in for me is no longer crawling out of bed at noon but waking up at 7:30 or 8am with no alarm while Matt and Samara are downstairs. Glorious!

I shuffle downstairs and turn on the espresso machine for a coffee. I contemplate cutting back on coffee because caffeine has a whole heap of negatives associated with it, but then recall the study where a cup of coffee a day can actually reduce the risk of skin cancer. Score – coffee for me! But watch the sugars. And do I froth milk, almond milk or oat milk?

Samara’s watching a movie because the weather is either too crap to go outside or too hot to move, but the movie is almost 2 hours. “Breaking the rules” again by some studies’ standards, which say that kids shouldn’t spend more than 60 minutes a day in front of the tv. Terrible parents, aren’t we?

I feel like I can’t do anything these days because the paper/news/magazines are all shouting at me about the wrong decisions I’m always making. Do this not that, eat more of this and less of that. Whole wheat is better than white, but really you shouldn’t be eating gluten at all. I want a second piece of chocolate but feel guilty it’s not followed by 60 crunches and a 3 mile run.

There are a million and six books/websites/articles/apps about how to lose weight and modify your behavior, but how is it that everyone seems to have no issue “swapping fried chicken for salads” and “starting to go on long walks after work” yet I can’t find a time when I don’t want to come home to Matt instead of spending an hour at the gym or shed those few random pounds when I don’t actually eat too much of that crap to begin with.

Anyway, enough of my little rant! Apart from my derision of society and how I think it’s heading to a worse place, my life is pretty damn amazing!

I’m sure you’ve noticed from your lack of phone calls, but I’m still in Australia. Matt and I have celebrated 2.5 years since our fateful meeting in Mexico, and it truly does seem like each day is better than the one before. We’ve done a lot more travel (Africa, Daydream Island [QLD], Great Ocean Road [VIC], Fiji and the US to name a few), seen a bunch of concerts (Elton John, Belinda Carlisle, Roxette, Duran Duran and – most recently – NKOTBSB [New Kids on the Block with Backstreet Boys – AWESOME!] and have been playing heaps of Scrabble (of course Matt wins 95% of them, but that’s ok).  We try and fill our weekends with fun activities with Samara and taking Buddha to the beach and enjoying our time as a family. Honestly, I love it. Yes, sometimes Samara can be difficult – she’s 4! – and it sucks when Matt has to travel every week and I’m home on my own with just Buddha by my side, but I am loving my life.

Samara turned 4 back in July and celebrated with a party at her mom’s house with a few friends, games, and a cake in the shape of Iron Man’s helmet. She’s an amazing kid; smart, funny, loves to read and dance and sing and draw, will play with her Barbies for hours and turn around and ask to watch a Spiderman DVD. Eclectic tastes indeed, but it’s what makes her so hilarious. She’s into Queen and, most recently, really likes the new The Killers CD (which I’m fond of as well). Last week we took a trip up to the Sunshine Coast together (Matt was out of town) to visit some friends and had a really nice bonding time.

I won a trip to California/Hawaii in June which was cool. I got to meet other agents from Australia and chat about boring work stuff, visit places I’d never been in Cali and spend a couple nights in Waikiki. It was a nice break, the downside being that Matt couldn’t join me. I was super lucky to get to catch up with Pri and Jeff (and Toby and Steve) while in San Francisco, which was definitely the highlight of the trip!

Our trip to the US for my birthday was incredible and far too short. I would mention a few highlights but every day was great! We had chill time with my mom and Dean in California, got to see my brother (and Matt got to meet him), went on beautiful hikes in/around Portland, did some shopping, ate delicious food, drank scrumptious micro brews and, most importantly, got to spend time with friends and family. Matt also experienced his first facial (start with the best of course – we had a date with Sherry!) which he loved. It’s too bad his standards will be set so high now, but I’m so glad that I was able to introduce him to such a self-indulgent experience. We would have loved to have spent more than just 2 weeks there, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible this time around. We’ll be back though J

­We’ve been looking to move closer to the beach but it’s really hard to find a place that allows pets. I’ve come to find this extremely amusing because the worst damage that Buddha can do to a place is shed everywhere; Samara has opposable thumbs and the capability to draw on anything and everything with washable or permanent marker. Which would you prefer to have living in your home? The idea is that by Christmas we will be within spitting (or walking) distance from the sand without breaking the bank, so watch this space. If I remember to update, of course.

It’s not that I forget, it’s just the fact that there is no internet at home! So frustrating! We have the little USB dongle thing but it’s for Matt’s work so I can’t really justify using it to fart around on emails and the like. That’s not saying that I don’t love to read emails (definitely preferring email to Facebook messages), and I really really have the best intentions to reply promptly. It just doesn’t always happen – with our new place I will have no excuses, so hold me to it!

In my free time (hah!) I have the biggest and best illusions of grandeur. I have a few seedlings of ideas to write a children’s book – inspired by mine, my family’s and Samara’s love of reading (sometimes I think she’s a mini incarnate of my grandma) – put together a few scrapbook/photo albums of the past couple years, start learning another language… the list goes on. However the one thing I will definitely do is use the group-buying voucher I got for a month of capeioera classes! Ever since PGB when our theatre was located next to a capeioera studio I’ve wanted to take lessons and I finally got that chance. I’m hoping it’ll kick my butt, start to whip me into shape, help me regain some flexibility and just be awesome.

I’d also like to try to be on stage again, learn to sew, create the perfect hollandaise sauce, continue learning new, random stuff, write more poetry and bike more often, but sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day (and episodes of X-Factor always get in the way!) to complete everything I want to and still get to spend time with my honey.

I can’t end this without a few minor details, as congratulations are in order for some pretty big events in the past year or so! Not only have many of my closest friends turned 30 (which makes is crazy to think that they’ve been my friends for over half of our lives) but one of my bestest friends, Laura, got married! All the happiness to you and Paul! And Cortney (Burrito), one of my oldest friends, also got married to her soul mate and had a little one, so she’s celebrating all the good news in spades! And how could I forget Julia, my crazy friend who I met in Spain, marrying her love – so many new people I need to meet! Jeremy, Pri, Dan – congratulations to all of you as well! (Sorry if I missed anyone!) Also a few babies have been born, so best wishes and congratulations to all my friends who have started (or added to) their families! Who could have imagined back when we were cutting class during high school English or drinking cheap beer at the beach that we would all turn out… well, where we are!

Life never ceases to amaze me and, as I always seem to bring up, my friends especially always make me so proud. There are a few of you that maybe I haven’t had a good chat with or seen in years, but whenever I see your updates on Facebook on the amazing things going on in your life, my heart swells with joy to know that we are still connected in this world and that spectacular people are doing unique and wonderful things.

So there we go, that’s a brief update all down for my father’s birthday present. Of course he’ll probably get something else as well, but this one is to share with everyone.

Your turn!

Much love and many hugs,


One thought on “yearly update – holy cow, it’s been a year?!? happy birthday dad!

  1. Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!… Ahhhhh — just what I wanted — your calming, amusing, informative words.

    Though we get to Skype occasionally, I’ve missed your soul-comforting ramblings! So thank you for giving me this wonderful gift!

    And even though some may be tired of me saying this — you are the best daughter/friend/inspiration a Dad could have! (My smile’s so big — the squirrels outside my window think I’m NUTS!)

    There’s nothing more magnificent than for a parent to see his child enjoying life! I love the fact that you are still “you” and have added so much wonderful stuff to your existence that you’ve become even more “Joslyn”!

    Now go Dance, Act, Write, Cook, Drink, Create and just BE!!!!

    I Love You!

    That Dad Guy

    …Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!

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