Asia Trip: Singapore Day 2

TUESDAY: After enjoying another free breakfast we caught the train back to Chinatown to check out the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple where we spent quite a bit of time admiring all the detailed statues and intricate relics and gold carvings and learning about Buddhism. For a free visit it was super informative and I think we could have spent more time reading and absorbing. On our way there, though, we witnessed a bizarre event: men at a Hindu temple rolling (log-roll style) around on the ground in what seemed to be a path around the altar. We later learned from the hotel receptionist that it is a form of prayer (though it seemed more like penance) as the Hindus are preparing for Deepavali which is at the end of this month.

Matt and I made a quick pit-stop in the Singapore Cash Converters just for a bit of a laugh, then started walking back to Marina Bay. It was raining intermittently (better than the thunder and lightning storm that woke us up in the morning!) and extremely humid, but we kept truckin’! Around the Raffles Landing Site we were called over by a local who pulled a snake out of a basket and handed it to me. A few photos with me/snake/Matt were taken before carrying on to the Singapore Flyer. We succumbed to the tourists in us and paid to ride the Singapore icon and it was cool! We had lunch at the food court downstairs before walking across the footbridge to Marina Bay Sands. Here we opted not to visit the Observation Deck, instead taking the elevator to the 57th floor and ordering a cocktail while enjoying the views and getting to check out (not up close) the infinity pool that makes you feel like you’re going to swim into the harbor.

More walking once the cocktails took effect and we crossed the city again back to the Arab quarter for a few beers. As creatures of habit (and because it was THAT good!) we revisited our favourite Indian restaurant, Shahi Kitchen, on the corner for beers and an early dinner before coming “home” for a cool down and rest and quick hop online to let the parents know we made it in one piece. Once we were feeling revitalized we retraced our steps back to Arab Street for another shisha and cold drink before coming home to rest up.

More to come, including our observations and reflections on the city!

Much love and many hugs,
Joslyn and Matt


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