Asia Trip Day 5: Malaysia (Sandakan cont.)

Day 5: Friday

Another early morning – and us without our alarms! Breakfast of eggs and sausages then onto the boat back to the mainland. Here we were split up into different vans and driven out to the Sepilok Orang-utan Sanctuary. We watched a video about the project and then got to see a feeding time – where rangers bring bananas to feed any residual orang-utans that have been released from the sanctuary but are still slightly dependent on them for food. Even though there were lot of people taking pictures and gawping, overall most were respectful and the 3 orang-utans hung out for over ½ an hour, just eating and swinging on the ropes and trees.

Once we left here we had about a 45 minute trip to a local restaurant for lunch, then another hour or so to the boat that would take us out to the Nature Lodge Kinabatangan (a 30 second ride) located in Bilit along the Kinabatangan River. Again we got checked in and had about 2 hours to kill, so we read the local newspaper, had a beer and just enjoyed the surroundings (all while trying to avoid being eaten by mosquitoes). At 2pm we went on our boat trip, which was about 2 hours long, the highlights being hornbills (birds related to toucans), long-tailed macaques, leaf monkeys and PYGMY ELEPHANTS! A whole herd of them eating and wildly flapping their ears until a few went for a swim to cool off and we forgot the others and let ourselves get totally engrossed in the one blowing bubbles with his trunk. Too cute!

We had more time between the boat ride and dinner which we spend reading up about Kota Kinabalu and playing hangman (exciting times) then enjoyed our dinner and a rainforest walk afterwards. Nothing too exciting here – a bat, a huge white spider, a sleeping Kingfisher and a leech that became a stowaway on my finger (Matt later found one on his side when we got back to our room). Don’t worry though – we didn’t let them get any of our blood!



2 thoughts on “Asia Trip Day 5: Malaysia (Sandakan cont.)

  1. Hello Travelers,

    What an exciting time you’ve had so far!

    It’s always fun taking these vacations with you — your descriptions and explanations of places and events make me feel as if I’m there with you!

    Though you sound somewhat disappointed when there’s down-time — it probably just makes all of the adventures more special. (Plus, recharging your batteries is what a vacate is all about!)

    The Pygmy Elephants sound adorable! I look forward to all of the pictures!

    Now quit reading this and get to your next adventure (or beer)!

    Love you both,

    That Dad Guy

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