Asia Trip 2013 Day 7: KK


Has a week really gone by already?! Old adages hold true and time really does fly when you’re having fun!

We got up nice and early today to check out the weekly Sunday Markets, which happened to be about a block away from our hotel, which was nice and convenient! The plan was to pick up a few gifts and souvenirs and try some yummy food, but the truth is that we saw a whole lot more of the same stuff: watches, baskets, cheap bracelets, etc.  Having said that, we were pleasantly surprised with one vendor’s honesty when, as we were looking at a wooden object, she came up and asked us where we were from. Upon learning that we would be headed back to Oz, she told us that the wood we were looking at wouldn’t clear customs and showed us what to look for instead. Stoked and refreshed by her forthrightness, we bought a few items from her later in the day.

The food looked (mainly) strange, but I was adventurous and tried a mini muffin that was bright green (it had no flavor); some sort of smashed banana in a leaf (it was ok); and rice with some kind of stuffing (I think it was sambal cuz it tasted a bit fishy). The highlight? My avocado juice which was flavorsome and sweet and so yummy that I think Matt was a bit jealous.

Once we’d paraded through the markets we went to book in the Mari Mari Cultural Tour we’d planned on doing, but fate intervened a bit and didn’t let us pay on card. We opted against the whitewater rafting because it was only grade II-III rapids and I didn’t want to pay heaps for that. After booking Mari Mari we went back to see Melly who booked us in for snorkelling the following day. She also told us about another village, the Monsopiad, which she highly recommended. This led us to cancel our original booking and we planned to do her suggestion.

We enjoyed a light breakfast of pastries from the bakery in our room before setting out for the touristy destinations around town: the Atkinson Clock Tower and a slog from there to Signal Hill which gave a panoramic view of town. After sweating our breakfast (brunch, really) out of us we stopped by the infamous Jesselton Hotel for some drinks then down to the Seafront Café for a few more beers. While planning to have dinner at the night markets, we were a bit peckish waiting for them to open so swung by an Indian Restaurant on the waterfront that had good reviews to snack on some naan. Well, our naan was dipped in a small order of butter chicken which was demolished rapidly, so another (large) order of it and 2 more naans meant there was no room for market food. Oops!

Another long day so off to bed we went!


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