Asia Trip 2013 Day 8: Snorkelling in KK


Snorkel time!!!

After a good, cheap breakfast at Bella (attached to the Jesselton Hotel) we met up with the diving group and headed to Jesselton Pier where our boat was waiting for us. Amazing day of snorkelling and delicious food! The only disappointment was that, even after about 4 applications of sunscreen (early am, arriving on boat, after first and second snorkels) I got really badly sunburnt. We’re talking lobster red, which made the rest of the night not so fun.

Having said that, we did have a good time once we got home, showered and Matt smothered me in aloe vera (he got it for me from the local supermarket while I was showering – isn’t he amazing?!) as we went back down to the waterfront to meet up with a work mate of Matt’s. We’d realized she and her friend were also in KK when we were looking through photos and planned to catch a quick drink, so we meandered back down through the night markets and to the Aussie bar (of course!) for a beer or two. Well, those two beers led to another couple, and we were there telling stories and discussing music and sports until midnight! We also got Di Di, Matt’s friend, to smoke a shisha pipe with us! Apart from my legs just caning from the burn (it didn’t help sitting all night since it was the backs of both legs burned from ankle to tushy), we had a really fun time.


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