The beginning of our 10 week adventure!

After a 10 hour flight delay, we are finally here in the Air NZ lounge, enjoying the perks and benefits of VA Platinum Membership/Premium Economy seating. Butter chicken was waiting for us, which is perfect because we were joking about stopping along the way for one last hit of “Miss India” but opted against it. Free beer and choc mud cake top it off, and now I might have to top off a vodka tonic…

But all that aside, we are FINALLY on our first leg of our Caribbean Adventure! Today marks the start of 10 weeks of backpacking and island-hopping through the Caribbean Islands (ok, 8 1/2 weeks of the Caribbean with 10 days in the US thrown in for good measure). We have passports, credit cards, socks and jocks and are all set. My bag currently weighs in at 11.3kg with Matt’s a whopping 15kg but we will lighten our loads as we go along.

Not much in the way of planning thus far – only our first two nights booked in Port of Spain, Trinidad, where we fly from on 25MAR after leaving Portland. After that we will work our way north but without too much of a set schedule – we plan to go where the wind takes us, so to speak, discovering and savoring each unique island as we go. Ideally we’d like to end in Cuba but all we really know is that our flight back to Australia leaves LAX on 23MAY. Until then we are free birds!

Hopefully this will provide everyone a bit of update as to where we are, what we’re doing, and which local rum/beer tickles our tastebuds most.

Hasta pronto,

Joslyn and Matt


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