Our first day in Tobago

The day after our city tour (March 27th) we caught an early morning ferry for the 3.5 hour ride over to Tobago. Comfy ferry with food and drinks on board, and they even showed a movie, so overall it was a good trip. We got into our hotel there, a place called “Candles… In The Wind” around 11am and straight to the beach we went! We booked a snorkel tour for 2pm that afternoon on a glass bottom boat out to Buccoo Reef which we were really excited about. Unfortunately this turned into a massive fiasco as our trip got cancelled because there weren’t enough other passengers so we went on the 5pm “Sunset Cruise” which didn’t allow us to get out of the boat to snorkel or, really, do anything other than listen to the crew blast loud music and get the 4 girls on board that were aged under 20 exceedingly drunk. Not a great experience, but I won’t rant here.

Prior to our 5pm tour, however, we hired a car for the next day and that was a highlight thus far. On the 28th of March we left early to circle the island of Tobago (which would only take about 3 hours if you went without stopping) and stopped first at Argyle Falls, but unfortunately we were too early for it! So on we went to the towns of Speyside and other small beachside towns. Once we circled back to Argyle Falls just in time for their opening we were ready to go! The walk to the falls only took about 15 minutes and we were accompanied by 2 local pups (who decided it would be a fun game to use Matt’s favorite shirt and a sock as tug-of-war items, which was less than stellar) on the way.

The falls were completely empty and just for us, so we took advantage of that fact by swimming for about an hour – it was glorious! We had a great time and even got some free oranges on our way out before driving north looking for lunch. We stopped at Bloody Bay for a look and had the most delicious fried chicken at a local restaurant while watching schoolkids beat mangoes down from a tree to snack on. Some homemade ice cream in Castara capped off our day’s drive before pulling back into Store Bay around 4pm.


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