Ramblings never make it to paper

What have I been doing with my life? Seriously, where has the time gone since May?

Having still not caught up with our journal from our Caribbean trip, I’ve yet to elaborate on the most amazing sights/sounds/snorkelling places, but if anyone is curious you can just ask me. I’m much better at face-to-face emails as opposed to writing to a mass of people that may or may not read my ramblings. And rambling I am…

The gist of it is that we got back to Oz, Matt got stuck straight back into his gig and I was left floating. I signed up for a Travel Writing Course by correspondence (which I still haven’t finished. I will. I paid the money so will get what I can from it) but that didn’t instantly start paying the bills (shockhorror) so I needed something else. Unfortunately our local Bunnings (hardware store) wasn’t hiring and I wasn’t sure the direction I wanted to take. During a brief visit into the Ignite office I reunited with my old managers, and one thing led to another…

I started consulting again on a contractual basis, as well as a few other side gigs to make some cash. I did this for around 3 or 4 months before realizing that, as much as I believe in the company I was working for and enjoy the people working around me, I didn’t want to be a travel agent anymore. Isn’t that why I resigned in March to begin with? As luck would have it, the day I was going to re-resign my boss approached me with a new idea, which is how I got to where I am now! My current title (per my email signature) is “Content Writer”, but I’ve been doing and learning a lot more than that!

Not only have I been writing content for the launch of our newly redesigned website, I’ve been enrolled in a course to begin learning about SEO. I’ve also been taught more back-end design stuff (using WordPress, of course! Not that my blogs will all of a sudden become prettier or fancier – I’m not there yet), analytics and dipping my toes into the world of marketing. Not a lot, mind you, but enough that I’ve been getting really excited about what the future has in store. My manager has a way of being a bit sneaky and alluding to future plans, and if that’s anything to go on then I should have the next few rounds of bills taken care of!

On top of that, I have another great gig twice monthly where I visit travel stores and hostels and do basic training and brochure top up for a couple companies that are based up in Cairns. This gets me out into the sun (or torrential rain – depending on the day) socialising and interacting with some pretty cool cats around Brisbane and the GC. It’s a nice break from sitting at a computer, which is all I was seeking all along.

My next post will be much more entertaining, I promise. It’ll be about how incredible 2015 has been so far – and we’re only 25 days in! Woot woot!

Much love and many hugs,


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