Are ya ‘chidna me?

I have so much to do. I’m like a child screaming they’re bored but they refuse to do anything useful or helpful. I want to curl up and read or go for a bike ride or be on the road, travelling with Matt. I want to be anywhere but stuck inside writing about gorgeous tropical destinations that I have never visited. Alas, that’s what I (currently) get paid to do.

In order to waste some time and clear my mind, there are a few things I’ve noticed lately:

1. Food is now allowed in theatres. I’m talking cheese and fruit platter in a live performance of Les Mis. As if cell phones, candy wrappers and irritating people aren’t enough, let’s add munching on some crackers and stinky cheese in the mix – awesome.

2. While we’re discussing the theatre, did you know it’s now acceptable (apparently) to come dressed in your workout gear? Gone are the days of making an effort and getting dressed up; thongs and running shorts? Come on in! If my grandmother had been buried, she’d have been tossing and turning in her grave.

3. People are idiots. They walk while looking down at their cellphones. They drive and try and text, even though there’s a passenger in the seat next to them. They stop at roundabouts when they clearly only need to yield. They drive 10km under the speed limit. In the fast lane. They buy plastic bottles filled with water to drink at home. They don’t recycle. Generally the human race – with a few exceptions – really irritates the crap out of me.

4. Kids don’t listen. I know parents out there are all yelling “DUH!” but seriously. Why do I have to tell her EVERY DAY – twice daily! – to put away her cup/plate/table/shoes/backpack? Why does she ask if she can have toast for breakfast after we just had a conversation of how we have no bread? And when she can’t have toast, she asks for a peanut butter sandwich. Why do we have to keep buying her shoelaces because she refuses to untie her shoes before removing them and therefore the laces keep breaking? WHY!?!?!?

5. Kids are monsters. Especially after a sleepover.

6. Life is better with fully functioning taste and smell senses. I’ve been congested for essentially an entire year before finally going to the doctor. Awaiting the results of my allergy tests but in the meantime I got some nasal spray and I can breathe again. It’s a miracle!

7. Nasal. What a terrible word.

8. Why hasn’t anyone decided it’s a good idea to pay Matt and I to travel and talk about beer? Seriously, who wouldn’t want to watch that TV show?

9. My dog’s the cutest. I know you think yours is, but you’re wrong: mine wins.

10. Why do bike tires seem to deflate faster when you haven’t ridden? I feel like I used to ride all the time and almost never have to pump up my bike tires; now it sits in the garage and they go flat in two weeks. Is there a scientific explanation of why this happens? It’s a pain, because then when I do get the inspiration to ride I’m halted in my tracks because that requires finding a place to pump up my bike. Which means I have to walk my bike somewhere. Which defeats the purpose of wanting to go on a bike ride if I have to walk half of it in the first place. And why doesn’t my hand pump actually work?

I’m still mentally blocked – maybe I’ll go make a coffee.

Have a fantastically successful and inspirational day!

Much love and many hugs,


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