This could be dangerous…

What you’re telling me when you say you are voting for Trump is that:

  • You are not, in fact, a Christian. You carry more hate in your heart than love. You aren’t willing to help those that cannot help themselves, and your welfare is more important than compassion to those who may practice a different religion or have an ethnic background that doesn’t match yours.
  • You are no better than the religious fanatics you claim to fight against. You believe your god is the “only true God” and are willing to fight against others instead of show them understanding or bother learning about their beliefs.
  • Your right to carry an automatic weapon is more important than my right to peacefully protest, state my beliefs without fear of persecution and express myself without ridicule.
  • Your right to shoot a fellow civilian – a fully grown adult who has friends, family and people who depend on them – who may or may not be actually threatening your well being is more important than my right to make decisions about my body and a bunch of cells that may or may not grow into a human being. Possible human > living, breathing human.
  • Essentially, your right to follow a 200+ year old guideline written in a completely different place and time is more important than my right to uphold amendments to that same document written more recently and affecting a greater number of people, including rights to equality, fairness, lack of discrimination and the radical idea that women are equals who can make their own decisions about themselves.
  • You would judge me and call me a murderer if I had an abortion, yet you would also judge me if I had the same child but needed assistance from the government, like food stamps or welfare.
  • You have never used any services from Planned Parenthood, including sex education, birth control, free condoms, pap smears, breast exams or any of their other offerings.
  • You do not use services from the government that are tax-payer funded, including Medicare, Medicaid, Senior discounts or the like. And you’re not planning on using them (if you aren’t of that age yet).
  • You have never complained of the unfairness of the tax loopholes offered to big businesses or the extremely wealthy, and are happy to continue to pay for their frivolous lifestyles while you struggle to make ends meet.
  • You don’t believe in global warming. Earth schmearth.
  • You do not care about veterans, because Trump has continually defrauded Vet groups, has not made any statements as to how he would help them in the future, and pouted when he got called up to follow through with a statement he made regarding a sizeable donation to Veteran’s charities.
  • You are ok with people earning money for not doing their jobs. Like voting on Supreme Court Justices. You don’t like what’s in front of you, so screw everyone else. Clearly you think that’s an acceptable practice for a public employee. But wait, those potholes that need to be fixed on your street but no one is doing anything? That’s not a proper use of your tax dollars!
  • You have never told kids – yours or others – that lying is bad. Because that would make you a hypocrite, as we have watched Trump make statements that have been broadcast and are verifiable then turn around and say that he never said them. He has lied to our faces, and that’s ok to you.
  • It’s not ok for people to come into the US to make better lives for themselves, even though they are paying taxes, supporting the economy, and adding a cultural richness to their communities. Nevermind that the USA was founded by illegal immigrants, that you will happily go out to eat Thai food or that you love Salma Hayek in her movies. (By the way, HRC has never said she has an “open door” policy, explaining that she will implement strict background checks for people wanting to come into the US. She’s just not a crazy racist who thinks anyone who hasn’t been born in the US is a threat to the country. Trump’s thinks his third wife is obviously ok and exempt from criticism.)
  • You don’t think it’s right that foreign countries defend themselves against American invaders – oops, sorry, “liberators” – but it’s fine that we have the weaponry to kill anyone who dares cross our borders.
  • Your kindness to those who are different from you – a different race, religion, ethnicity, political party, nationality, sexual identity or belief system – is fake. You’ll smile on the outside and belittle me in private. And you’ll teach your kids that it’s ok as long as I never find out.

One thought on “This could be dangerous…

  1. Joslyn,

    It’s writings like this that makes me proud to know you as both daughter and friend.

    You continually impress me!

    Your caring, kindness, love and compassion take center-stage in all aspects of your life. Those qualities are matched by your comprehension, understanding and concern — of and for — our planet, our humanity, our families, our existence and — just the little things that make up our days.

    Your statements and comments are appreciated and respected. Your clarity and brevity allow those of us who are fortunate to read your wisdom gain insight to the world as it really is, while receiving a emphatic and inspiring pep talk to continue to make it better.

    I love it all — all you do and all you have done. (And I have some spiffy feelings about all you’ll do in the future!)

    Yeah, it is strange (and embarrassing) that so many have been taken-in by Donald “Flim-Flam-Man” Trump. We should be shocked and alarmed that someone so bizarre and so out-of-touch with reality has come sooooooo close to becoming the President of the United States .(Thankfully, we still have a majority of Americans who have enough sense to NOT vote for Don the Con.)

    Whether the US wants to be or not — we are still leaders in the world and our country is one of the few — mostly successful — nearly-truly — FREE countries in the world, but it’s obvious we need a refresher-course to gain a renewed-understanding of just how special the “idea” of a place like the US is — and — how important it is for all of us to enjoy our freedoms while never forgetting how necessary it is to vigilantly maintain, retain, share and teach them.

    Over the past 20 years, folks like Trump — and the like-minded and ignorant — have eased their way into positions of leadership in our country. It’s getting scary — they don’t seem to understand that it’s their job to REPRESENT US — that we are their boss and employer — that they WORK FOR US and that their ultimate task is to simply keep our country, our ideals and ALL PEOPLE safe.

    It’s important that we — as folks fortunate enough to have enjoyed all the the USA has and is — do whatever we can to share our good fortune with others and to show the world what friendship, inspiration and true FREEDOM can and will mean.

    Almost-electing a person like Donald J. Trump to the most important position in the world does not show or prove to the rest of the world that we really do understand and appreciate our freedoms — or realize how easily freedom can evaporate.

    All that being said — while I preferred Bernie — Hillary will get my vote this year. (And I’ll be voting for Elizabeth Warren in 2020)

    I hope that the election is peaceful and that Donald concedes graciously and the quickly returns to his “billionaire” life.

    And I hope that our elected officials in Congress will do their jobs and that they’ll work WITH Hillary and FOR the the Citizens of the USA and the WORLD. (The first day that the next Congress convenes should become “National Elected Official Drug-test Day” — I’ll bring the little cups!)

    Thanks again, Joslyn. Your wisdom was a great start to the day. (Wanna be Elizabeth Warren’s running mate in 2020 & 2024? Then President in 2028?)

    Love to you and your correct, sane and potent ideals.

    That Dad Guy

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