this is who i am

Most of you already know me. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I started this blog because I was traveling thru Mexico and Central America, living and experiencing everything possible, from cultural events to local beers to jumping off of tall objects and rafting down rivers. I was there from Aug. 2008 until May 2010 and had the opportunity to meet incredible people from all over the world.

One of the people that I met while working there was my amazing, loving, generous, thoughtful, best-friend-and-partner-in-crime, Matt, who swept me off my feet and to Australia! We live on the Gold Coast with Samara, Matt’s daughter and my step-daughter, and our yellow lab, Buddha. We spend all of our free time (and money!) planning travels around the globe!

In April 2016 we launched our own business, Hop On Brewery Tours, offer craft beer brewery tours around Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mt Tamborine and the Ipswich area. We love every minute of educating people about beer and encouraging responsible sampling and beer appreciation – and we get the chance to go to lots of beer festivals around Australia! If you’re in the country, hop on with us for a day!

I hope you enjoy reading my/our blog!


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